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Emotional Muscle

Strong Parents, Strong Children

by Kerry Kelly Novick and Jack Novick

“Emotional Muscle is a must read for anyone committed to understanding how values are conveyed and how the development of character can be supported.”

Michelle Graves, Preschool Director, High Scope teacher trainer, Community Educator

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The Children's Bill of
Emotional Rights

A Guide to the Needs of Children

by Eileen Johnson

“Eileen Johnson has written a comprehensive statement about the emotional needs of children. Relevant reading for parents, teachers, and all people who care about and care for children. ”

Saralea Chazan, PhD, clinical psychologist in private practice in Greenwich Village, New York City

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Introduction to Child, Adolescent, and Adult Development

A Psychoanalytic Perspective for Students and Professionals

by Ivan Sherick

Ivan Sherick, Ph.D., is a psychoanalyst trained in child, adolescent and adult analysis. He is in clinical practice and supervises trainees and teaches.

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Almost Perfect

A Novel

by Diane Daniels Manning

“A charming novel about a troubled young dog owner that will appeal to readers of all ages.”

Kirkus Reviews

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Psychoanalytic Schools:

A Piece of History

Flourishing Today

by Barbara Streeter

Barbara Streeter, LPCC, is educational and therapeutic director of the Hanna Perkins School and current chair of faculty of the Hanna Perkins Center Training Program in Child Psychoanalysis.

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A Cleveland Son's Debt to Anny Katan and Sigmund Freud

by Austin Ratner

Austin Ratner is the author of “The Jump Artist” and “In the Land of the Living.”

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