What can the APS offer you?

SHARING – The APS is a forum for sharing the accumulated wisdom of:

• Psychoanalytic schools, in operation in the US over many decades. Each member school has experience with a wide range of populations; each has developed a model that meets the needs of its community. From this menu, member schools can refine models, practices, and approaches.

• Individuals who consult to preschools, day schools, and high schools, bringing psychoanalytic understandings to the school staff in the context of ongoing relationships.  At times the focus is on particular children and how to understand their behaviors; at times the focus is on staff relationships with parents and with each other.

• Teachers who work in psychoanalytic schools or with psychoanalytic consultants and have developed practical ways to use their understandings in talking with children and in their teaching practices.


• Unique collaborations among educators and psychoanalysts are creating new models for educating the child in the family.

• Teachers, psychoanalysts, parents, administrators, community leaders and other professionals are working together to apply psychoanalytic knowledge in the community where it can have broad and deep impact on children’s futures.

• Some member schools are linked by a videoconferencing network, which allows us to sit in on each other’s meetings and offers different staff groups opportunities to work with their counterparts in other schools.


• The APS holds regular meetings at the Annual Meeting of the American Psychoanalytic Association in January and at the Annual Meeting of the Association for Child Psychoanalysis in May.

• The APS Schools provide conferences for members to get together and share their experiences.  The Schools also welcome individuals and small groups who wish to visit their school and meet with them.

• The APS provides on-line discussions, consultations and trainings.


• Schools meeting specified criteria of excellence may be accredited by the APS, which affords national recognition.

• Teachers in APS-accredited schools may apply to be Certified Psychoanalytic Educators, a distinction that recognizes their unique background and experience.

• APS Member Schools are featured on our website with links to their own websites.


What can you offer the APS?


Member schools want to learn from one another’s experience. You can be an important contributor beyond your own community.


Your participation in the APS offers valuable support to other member schools and programs, strengthening the network of service to children and families.


You can be an important part of the effort to promote understanding and appreciation for the value of psychoanalytic thinking in education and the concept of “a psychoanalytic school.”


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