APS schools are committed to:

  • Creating an atmosphere of safety and trust
  • Respecting the inner life of the child and the full range of feelings
  • Incorporating modern psychoanalytic knowledge in every aspect of the school
  • Fostering mastery, confidence and competence as children grow from body to mind, emotional states to emotional signals, and actions to words
  • The integrity of the individual
  • Seeing children as part of a family in process of development
  • Giving attention to the developmental needs of parents.


What is “Psychoanalytic” About a Psychoanalytic School?

A Psychoanalytic School is a school that uses psychoanalytic understandings to support children’s social emotional development, facilitate the learning process, and problem solve. Those who work in psychoanalytic schools understand that feelings are central to all learning, that the inner feelings and thoughts of a child impact and are impacted by his relationships and experiences, and that helping children and parents understand their feelings leads to growth.

Some psychoanalytic schools are for children with particular challenges while some are for children who face the every day challenges entailed in growing up. Some psychoanalytic schools were started and directed by psychoanalysts and some psychoanalytic schools use psychoanalysts as consultants. Some psychoanalytic schools are specifically for preschool children while others are for children of all ages. They come in many shapes and forms.

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Psychoanalytic Schools